3 Aug 2018 – Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes

Quote I’m pondering:

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”
— Pablo Picasso {Pin it}

On my reading list:

I’m a reader. I’m old school and I prefer to read an actual book or magazine because I like to underline and highlight as I read. That habit is from my university days when I learned that underlining and highlighting reinforced what I was reading: read the sentence, read it again as you highlight it and then read it a third time when you go back through the chapter to study for the exam. Yes I know, I’m more fastidious than most. And I actually schedule an hour a day in my calendar for reading.

Pressed for time? Don’t have time to read a book? Well, how about a magazine article? Those are quick reads and through technology and links you can go on an exciting journey of discovery.

Here are 5 articles I read this week:

  1. The 5 Hour Rule Used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk
  2. From that article I linked to How to Make a 5 Hour Work Day Work for You
  3. Which in turn led to Why Summer Hours and Flexible Hours are a Must
  4. That led to How to Create a Formalized Flexible Work Week for your Company
  5. And that led to this great resource: 10 Questions to Ask Before Allowing Employees to Telecommute

I learned a lot of great information which I will be turning into Her Toolbox articles and that took less than 45 minutes!

Meetings I’m attending:

My mission is to provide access and resources to women in business and with that in mind, I’m so excited to tell you about two great meetings coming up …

Cybersecurity For Your Business {Orlando}

How To Cut Business and Personal Healthcare Costs {Tampa}

I hope you’ll join us for either or both!

Ideas I’m Noodling…

When was the last time you felt seen? This article via Thrive Global really gave me pause. All too often we walk around in our own world without connecting to those around us.

“Sometimes, the most unassuming acts of kindness make the most profound impact on our lives. A handwritten card from a friend, a “how are you?” from a neighbor, even a sincere smile from a stranger on your morning commute. These microscopic moments of acknowledgement may not seem like a big deal, but sometimes, they hold the power to make us feel seen.”

Ask yourself: When was the last time I was really conscious of seeing the people around me? {Pin it}

I’m following…

Kate’s Take Podcast: where Kate Erickson of Entrepreneurs On Fire shares a behind-the-scenes look at how to run a 7-figure business. She shares step-by-step, in-depth and actionable lessons that will help you start creating, growing and monetizing your business.

I’m Celebrating…

It’s official– I’m a speaker at the OWIT International Conference in Nairobi Kenya. The event is about bridging the gap and empowering businesses to go global … and if you know me, you know that is ‘my bag.’

I’m so thrilled both professionally and personally: professionally I get to showcase insight on strategic alliances and how to use them to grow your business. Personally this is a dream come true because I will be in the land of Karen Blixen aka Isak Dinesen and Out of Africa.


In case you missed them, you can catch up here. I hope you’ll find ideas that spur your imagination and creativity to help propel you forward on your adventure.
Nancy Allen