HER Journey to entrepreneurial success

Our mission for the program will be to help you bridge your passions and make your dreams reality. We will help you build your bridge while building allies and believers that will support you throughout your journey.

The HER Dreamer Program Journey

Her Passion

Learn how to take your idea and build out a vision for your business. Understand and appreciate the intellectual capital and experience you have and how you can turn that into a profitable business. Your end result will be a vision for your business.


  1. Vision board
  2. Mindset shift
  3. Catalogue your strengths

Her Motivation

With the vision for your business, you are ready to start researching what type of business and business model will be right for you. You will receive feedback from your coach as well as your community and go through confidence exercises to get you ready.


  1. Business model
  2. Target market defined
  3. Business sales pitch

Her Action

Now it’s time to focus on building your launch plan. You will work on a 90 day plan designed to help you establish and meet milestones. You will receive coaching on financial planning to ensure both you and your company are protected. By the end of the month you will be ready to launch.


  1. Understanding financing
  2. 90 Day Action Plan
  3. Mastermind support plan

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