12 Oct 2018 – Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes

Quote I’m pondering:

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.”
— Ray Bradbury

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On my reading list:

Last week I came across 2 very interesting articles that gave me great pause. Jackson Katz asked men “What steps do you take, on a daily basis, to prevent yourselves from being sexually assaulted?” He reports that there is usually an awkward silence which is followed by someone making a joke and then someone says “nothing. I don’t think about it.” When the same question is asked of women there are many responses– holding my keys like a potential weapon; looking in the back seat of the car before getting in; be careful not to drink too much or leave my drink unattended; carrying mace or pepper spray, and many many more examples. Read the full list here. This took my breath away because I recognize that I do so many of these things as a matter of fact and I had not stopped to think that men don’t have to do this. The other article was from Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse called “Dear dads: Your daughters told me about their assaults. This is why they never told you.” Read it here. Talk about eye opening and gut wrenching.

How many of us are holding on to secrets because we don’t want to cause pain to the men in our lives?? Because we are afraid of what their reaction might be??

No means NO!

Meetings this week:

I just got word that the Super Bowl will be in our region in 2020 (Miami) and 2021(Tampa). This is great news because it means that there will be lots of bidding opportunities. Imagine being able to bid on everything from event planning to IT support, from gifts and promotional items to uniforms, and so much more! I’m a planner, so I am really happy to be invited to the committee this early in the process.

Ideas I’m Noodling…

I have done a lot of research about transitions lately. Did you know that most women will manage about 50 major transitions in their lifetime? And I’ll bet you won’t be surprised to know that personal and professional transitions blend in and out of our lives. I am developing an online course called The Art of Elegant Transitions. I have found that transitions that are successfully managed have 3 key components: awareness, adaptability and accountability. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting program! And if you just can’t wait, send me a note and I’ll be happy to get you on the early registration list.

I’m following…

My favorite author and researcher, Brene Brown has a new book: Dare to Lead. Here is an interview she did on CBS This Morning that captures the essence of the book. I can’t wait to get my copy!

I’m Celebrating…

I’m celebrating kindness. Pure, simple, unexpected kindness. I’ve witnessed a lot of acts of kindness lately and now instead of just smiling to myself and thinking oh, that was sweet, I am making a point of walking up to the person who performed the act that I witnessed and telling them that I saw what they did and want them to know that it makes me feel great that there is still kindness in the world.

When was the last time you witnessed unexpected kindness? How did it make you feel? Tell me here.


In case you missed them, you can catch up here. I hope you’ll find ideas that spur your imagination and creativity to help propel you forward on your adventure.
Nancy Allen